Stop worrying about getting paid on time

Before Hackyn: You feel that getting paid late happens way too many times. You feel like you lose more time sending, following-up, and chasing payments than advancing your career.

After Hackyn: You feel in control. Money is never a problem in your freelancing career. You have time to write better stories and chase your dream publication with your amazing pitch.

Hackyn is an automatic follow-up tool to handle all your payments back and forth

Detailed steps on how to use Hackyn:
(1) You input your invoice and a couple of emails
(2) That's it, you're done 🎉

Your Invoices With Hackyn_

You finish writing your awesome story
You create an invoice using your favorite accounting software
You send us the invoice and the accounting department email address
Hackyn sends the invoice to the accounting department
Don't worry, you'll get a copy of every email Hackyn sends.
We also make sure to include the editor when needed.
2020-04-28 - 3 days after sending the invoice
Hackyn confirms the invoice reception
We only send this email if accounting didn't respond to the last email.
2020-05-14 - 10 days before payment due date
Hackyn asks if payment is still on track
We also remind accounting that there are only 10 days left to process your invoice.
2020-05-26 - 2 days after payment due date
Hackyn confirms if everything is ok with your invoice
2020-06-2 - 9 days after payment due date
Hackyn ask for payment
The email highlights all the important details and makes sure they understand that they are at fault. You have the right to feel upset!
Every week until you get paid
Hackyn keeps asking for payment
When the payment is late, Hackyn sends emails from our
Collection Specialist™ while representing you.
We make sure they take your invoices seriously.
You get paid 🎉
This is how easy it'll be for you to chase late payments.
Isn't that awesome?

Chase your first payment with Hackyn

Why Hackyn is Awesome_

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Set It And Forget It ™

After you start the payment workflow you can immediately start working on your next story.

Not a real trademark :)
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Become a Follow-up Expert

Every email Hackyn sends follows is constantly being optimized to get you paid faster.

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Getting Serious

No more CC'ing a fake lawyer to make sure they take you seriously. Hackyn shows accounting you're not joking around

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We will never spam your Editor or Accounting emails. We also send a copy of every email straight to your inbox

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